Sheila Kelly Johnson
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Click the titles below to listen to clips of each of the songs from Not Your Everyday Clay and Through This Wall. If your browser supports the MP3 format, the clips will play through your browser. Otherwise you will be asked to download the song files to your computer.


Not Your Everyday Clay

  1. Thank You God
  2. Glory To You
  3. Not Your Everyday Clay
  4. His Love Has Lifted Me
  5. My Johnny Cash
  6. No Sympathy for the Devil
  7. He Lifts Us Through It All (Gonna Rise Again)
  8. Jubilee and My Dottie B.
  9. Take Time to Love (The Wedding Song)
  10. Brand New Day
  11. Old Shoes

Through This Wall

  1. To Answer Your Call
  2. Beyond
  3. I Am a Runner
  4. Psalm 95
  5. The Way I See It
  6. Sacrifice
  7. Looking Glass
  8. Power of God
  9. Tossed About
  10. Goodbye My Friend (the Daddy Jim Bruce song)